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Urgent Repairs

    Price AED 199

    Urgent WiFi Repair

    Cannot connect to your router? Internet is down and not working anymore? WiFi connection is no more showing? Our experienced IT technicians can visit your property and get it done in no time.


    What’s Included

    1. One emergency call response
    2. Finest practices & efforts to repair electrical failure
    3. Free first manpower hour
    4. 24 to 48 hours guaranteed repairing response


    The Expertise

    Our maintenance experience brought to us some of the common problems to your WiFi systems, such as:

    1. Loss of connection due to power failure
    2. Shortage in the signal coverage
    3. Defective routers
    4. Changes in configuration settings
    5. Overheat on the router
    6. Loose network cable connections


    Our team can successfully rectify most common problems in 1 hour time.

    What’s Not Included

    1. Parts (billed separately)
    2. Non-emergency repairs (billed separately)
    3. Consumables (billed separately)
    4. Additional manpower hours will be charged at AED 170 per hour


    Our Simple Demand

    1. All additional expenses will be billed to customer account and has to be paid upon completion of job.
    2. We keep the right to charge for the Urgent Repair fee in case access was not available for our team upon arrival.


    A Thought for You

    Why not maintenance package for better living?

    We offer maintenance packages that maintain and include regular visits for your key systems with completely free attendance to emergency calls within 4 hours, whenever you need anything fixed.

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