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    Price AED 199

    Air Conditioning Service

    Are you facing a low cooling of your air-conditioning or any other issues, then you need to get it serviced. Getting your air-condition serviced helps improve the performance of your unit by removing some dust built up in your AC and prevents any sudden breakdown.


    Our Air-Conditioning Service visit includes some of the most effective preventive maintenance jobs to your air-conditioning for better and safe functioning of the AC. Our teams will do a major checkup on the whole air-conditioning system of your property, in case any major repairs is required, our team will provide you with our price on spot and get it done for you. Through this you ensure that your AC won’t get down during critical times of the year.


    What’s Included

    1. Check for refrigerant leaks and proper refrigerant levels on the high and low-pressure sides.
    2. Check condenser coil. Keep debris away from unit.
    3. Straighten any bent heat exchanger fins on condenser coil.
    4.  Check suction pipe insulation and replace if needed.
    5.  Check fan blades for damage.
    6. Check belts, if any, for wear and proper tension.
    7.  Properly seal supply and return duct leaks.
    8. Check all wiring, electrical connections, contactors, capacitors, relays, etc… for wear and cleanliness.
    9. Proper operation.
    10. Check thermostat for proper operation and calibration.
    11. Check air filter for proper size and cleanliness.
    12. Check evaporator coil and clean if needed.
    13. Check condensate pan and drain and clean if needed.
    14. Check for the proper temperature difference between the supply and return air, also between the outside ambient air and the condenser fan discharge air.
    15. For heat pumps, check for proper operation of the reversing valve.


    What’s Not Included

    1. Repairing the defected units or issues that were discovered during the service are not part of this service (will be quoted separately).


    A Thought for You

    Why not maintenance package for better living? We offer Maintenance packages that maintain and include regular visits for your key systems with a completely free emergency calls with 4 hours response whenever you need anything fixed.

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