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    Price AED 1,584

    Wash Your Car (Annual)

    Get your car washed whilst enjoying your bed time…


    Busy with your professional work and don’t have time to wash your car? We wash it for you wherever you are. Now with our ‘Wash your Car’ service you can save time and your car washed from your office, home, or abroad in just a few clicks.


    Our electronically payment system provides you with a flexible and easy way to get pay online your bills while you enjoy your time. All in a just few easy steps, register/login and get started. Pay now for annual package and SAVE 12% off our regular prices.


    What’s Included

    1. Day or night professional car wash
    2. Tire shining


    The Expertise

    Our teams are among the most professionally experienced and reliable in UAE and the region, providing our array of services and packages to thousands of customers in different areas of the country.


    We ensure to transfer our promising experience to your property and do our best to serve you at your need.


    You can choose the number of cars and times you want to wash your cars a month and we are flexible to provide you with that.


    What’s Not Included

    1. Internal cleaning 


    Our Simple Demand

    1. If car is not parked as scheduled we reserve the right to charge you and provide no refund. 


    A Thought for You

    No time for your garden? Want someone to take care of it? Our GardenCare packages include all services that take care and grow your garden fresh.

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