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    Price AED 11,950

    Stand-alone Misting Fan (Basic)

    Facing a problem with high temperature in your backyard or pool area? Want to feel cool without using air conditioning? Want to feel fresh outdoors or inside unconditioned indoor spaces?


    Finally! Enjoy a cool summer, even outdoor, and without fixed installations. MOBI-COOL is really a special, quiet, effective, and fully autonomous fan.


    What’s Included

    1. Training on how to use the system
    2. 2 years warranty on the full system provided
    3. Delivery will take up to two weeks


    Product Specifications

    1. Professional high pressure pump with aluminium head
    2. Working pressure: 70 bar
    3. 3 heavy duty stainless steel pistons
    4. Variable flow rate, built-in by-pass
    5. Safety valve
    6. Heavy duty industrial motor, 550 W self-ventilated
    7. Thermal overload protection
    8. 60 liters water tank
    9. Off/Fan, On/Fan and On/Misting switch
    10. Electric float switch level controller to protect pump against dry running
    11. Weight balanced, wheels and handle for easy displacement
    12. Manufactured in compliance with CE regulations
    13. Noise level: 55 dB(A) (average)
    14. For more details, please click here to download the product data sheet.


    A Thought for You

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