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GardenCare Maintenance

    Price AED 399

    GardenCare Secure (Monthly)

    You don’t need to do it; GardenCare team can do it for you…


    With our GreenCare maintenance package, our team of professional garden organizers will visit your place 3 or more times a week to keep your garden green and healthy.


    Our electronically payment system provides you with a flexible and easy way to maintain your garden by using your credit cards to settle payments for your packages and repair jobs.


    What’s Included

    1. Taking care of watering the garden on regular basis to ensure keeping your garden alive
    2. Special treatment: treat your garden with supportive material to strengthen its flowering and fertilization
    3. Keeping the garden area clean from leaves and other flowering wastes
    4. We take care of cutting and shaping your garden flowers and grass


    What’s Not Included

    1. Replacing seasonal flowers
    2. Huge trees and Palms care
    3. Special garden area and surrounding seasonal wash
    4. Garden areas above 180 m2 (choose GardenCare Distinctive to get a quote)


    What Package is right for you?

     GardenCare Secure


    Our Simple Demand

    1. Car or Window wash are not included in this package. Our ‘Wash your Car’ and ‘Clean your Window’ teams are happy to serve you.
    2. Grass care doesn’t include replacing damaged grass with new one.


    A Better Way

    Want a better way? With no monthly reminders? With better financial planning? We offer discounts on our annual packages, take the same package annually and enjoy the same package for less cost. Take your time to check our different packages before you decide on one.

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