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GardenCare Maintenance

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    GardenCare Distinctive (Annual)

    Tailored for customers with special properties…


    Do you want to enhance your garden? Construct a beautiful gazebo or lay some tiles? Contact us today for a visit. We provide quotations for your requirements within 24 hours!


    Our GardenCare Distinctive package provides the ultimate tailored package for customers with large or specialized properties; tell us what you want to include and we will provide you with a no-obligation free quote suited to your needs.


    Get a tailored package developed for your special property. We will automatically include our annual up-front payment discount into your quoted price for all options you select.


    Who is Served

    1. Garden areas above 180 m2


    What’s Included

    1. Taking care of watering the garden on regular basis to ensure keeping your garden alive
    2. Special treatment: treat your garden with supportive material to strengthen its flowering and fertilization
    3. Keeping the garden area clean from leaves and other flowering wastes
    4. We take care of cutting and shaping your garden flowers and grass
    5. Special garden and surrounding area pressured wash to remove dust and attached wastes to the ground. To make your outdoors area look neat and fresh again. Done once a month
    6. Special systems maintenance and management. Methodologies to reduce water wastes and repair of water pipes and fittings for efficient and green usage
    7. Replacement of seasonal flowers from our selection that best suits your garden
    8. Protection of palm by preventing over watering, root damage, and unfavorable waste placement, which exerts negative affect


    What’s Not Included

    1. We will try to include everything in our quotation 


    Our Simple Demand

    1. Car or Window wash are not included in this package. Our ‘Wash your Car’ and ‘Clean your Window’ teams are happy to serve you.
    2. Grass care doesn’t include replacing damaged grass with new one.
    3. Special systems’ maintenance doesn’t include replacement of defected ones.


    A Thought for You

    Annoyed from waiting in queue to wash your car? Can’t handle seeing your car dusty every now and then? Our ‘Wash your Car’ can ensure washing your car and keeping it shining while you are on your bed enjoying a good sleep.

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