Qaryat Al Hidd Development

Qaryat Al Hidd is the west phase of the Hidd Al Saadiyat Development, a nearly 1.5 million square meter exquisite beachfront residential development by Saadiyat Development and Investment Company (SDIC) located on Saadiyat Island’s north-western coast boasting a 9-kilometer arc of pristine white sand. The development is expected to feature five-star hotels and international resorts along with this residential community, all of which will take advantage of the surrounding natural beauty, while remaining sensitive to the island’s untouched ecosystem. In keeping with Saadiyat Island’s bespoke lifestyle, material selection and detail finishes rise beyond standard.

EMergy was assigned as the Independent Commissioning Agent (ICA) to oversee the design phase of the development, manage risks, verify the design and optimize the comfort, reliability, safety and energy efficiency of the project in compliance with the Owner Project Requirements.


Category:                   Commissioning

Scope:                         Independent Commissioning Agent

Client:                         Saadiyat Development and Investment Company (SDIC)

Location:                    Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates