Sustainability Consulting

We offer Estidama consultancy, green building consultancy and independent commissioning to support all stages of the certification.

Integrated solutions for a sustainable environment

EMergy is taking part of changing the way built-environments are designed, constructed, and operated. Green building certifications, such as LEED and Estidama, guides us toward a valuable environmental savings and saving money through water, waste and energy reduction over the lifespan of a building.

We offer a full spectrum of Estidama consultancy and green building consultancy services with LEED AP and PQP consultants who evaluate the suitability and relevance of each system. Employing innovative technologies, our team provide a range of opportunities on how a building can be made more energy efficient with fewer resources, while still being able to produce a building that is going to serve a purpose.

Green Building Consultancy

When achieving a green building certification is a demand, EMergy is the perfect choice for green building engineering. We provide sustainable MEP engineering design, green building consultancy, Estidama consultancy, independent commissioning agent, and building energy services to support all levels of the certification.

We provide a full range of consulting services for various building rating systems including:

  • LEED Consultancy
  • PQP and Estidama Consultancy
  • EHS Trakhees
  • Al-Safat Dubai Green Building
  • WELL Certification
  • Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility
  • Sustainability and Strategy Planning